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Operation Melting Pot Targets Levy County Drug Dealers

Levy County’s drug dealers disappeared from street corners and back rooms last week. They seemed to vanish from the face of the earth.
Not really.

They landed in the Levy County Detention Center on drug charges as part of ..... more

​​East Williston Predator Gets Two Years in Prison for Phone
One of the sex predators who lived at an East Williston group home was sentenced on July 22 to two years in state prison for possessing a cell phone that gave him ..... more


Commission Postpones Decisions on Fire Budgets Second Time

Levy County Commission Chairman John Meeks last week postponed a decision on fire department budgets for the second consecutive board meeting due to the ..... more

Levy 4-H Day Camp Focuses on Flight and Robotics
Some of us take for granted living in an age of electronic gadgets, and most everyone knows commercial aircraft can fly in excess of 600 miles per hour above the ​..... more

​​Levy Extension Director Is Descendant of Pre-Civil War Freed Slave

The family roots of Levy County Extension Director Albert Fuller extend to a slave who was freed by his slave master inLevy County before the ..... more

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July 30, 2015


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