Local Elections Information for 2014


List of Precincts and their addresses:

Precinct          Location                                    Address                            City
01                     Levy County Extension Office                 625 N Hathaway Ave                Bronson FL 32621

    02                     Faith Baptist Tabernacle                         17531 NE HWY 27 ALT           Williston FL 32696

    03                     Bronson Town Hall                                 660 E Hathaway Ave                 Bronson FL 32621
04                      Cedar Key City Hall                               490 Second St                           Cedar Key FL 32625

    05                     Willow Sink                                            6731 NW 100th St                    Chiefland FL 32626
06                     Gulf Hammock Church of God               3510 SE CR 326                 Gulf Hammock FL 32639
07                    Williston Community Center                     46 NW Main St                        Williston FL 32696
08                     Morriston Baptist Church                        3141 SE Hwy 41                      Morriston FL 32668
09                    Inglis Community Center                          137 HWY 40 W                       Inglis FL 34449
10                     Pine Grove Baptist Church                      16655 NW CR 339                   Trenton FL 32693
11                      Miracle Vision Tabernacle Outreach       18680 NE 75th St                      Williston FL 32696
12                     Fanning Springs City Hall                        17651 NW 90th Ct W               Trenton FL 32693
13                     Tommy Usher Center                              506 SW 4th Ave                        Chiefland FL 32626


Other Important Dates

April 7 - Books close for Cedar Key

May 6 - Cedar Key Elction

 2014 Elections       Registration Deadlines       Early Voting          Election Day

Primary Election                    July 28, 2014                      August 11, 2014          August 26, 2014
                                                                                          August 23, 2014

General Election                October 6, 2014                    October 20, 2014       November 4, 2014
                                                                                          November 1, 2014

Florida is a closed Primary Election state.  In Florida, only voters registered with a political party may vote in that party’s primary
election.  All registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, may vote on issues and nonpartisan races.  Examples of nonpartisan races include school board and judicial races. 

Current Candidates Listed at the Supervisor of Elections office are:

Office                                         Candidate                             Party

County Commission Dist. 2                     Chad Johnson                                   REP

County Commission Dist. 2                     Russell (Rock) Meeks                       REP

County Commission Dist. 4                     Ryan Bell                                          REP

County Commission Dist. 4                     Lillian (Lilly) Rooks                           REP

School Board Dist. 1                               Cameron Asbell                               NP

School Board Dist. 3                               Robert Philpot                                  NP

School Board Dist. 5                               Rickie (Rick) Turner                         NP

Election Year 2014  Update

In case you haven’t noticed, 2014 is an election year.

Two county commission seats and three school board seats are on the ballot.

District 2 County Commissioner Chad Johnson is being challenged by Russell (Rock) Meeks and District 4 County Commissioner Ryan Bell is being challenged by former commissioner Lilly Rooks.

District 1 School board member Cameron Asbell’s seat is on the ballot, along with District 3 School Board member Robert Philpot and District 5 School Board member Rick Turner. None have drawn opposition to this point.

District 3 incumbent Congressman Ted Yoho is on the ballot, now challenged by:            

Howard Lawson NPA from Dunnellon who filed on 3/10/14;            

Aquasia Johnson McDowell  DEM from Orlando who filed on 10/1/13;            

Marihelen Wheeler  DEM from Gainesville who filed 1/31/14.

The position of governor, attorney general, chief financial officer and commissioner of agriculture are up for grabs this year, along with the position of State Representative, District 23.

The primary election is Aug. 26.

The general election is Nov. 4. Qualifying takes place from noon, June 16 to noon, June 20.

Most county candidates are choosing to have voters sign qualifying cards rather than pay the qualifying fees.

Meet the New Machine on May 13


The Levy County Elections office will now be using the Imagecast Evolution voting machine by Dominion Voting within all of our precincts. 

This voting machine provides voters with all they need to cast their vote. The Imagecast Evolution is 2 machines in one. It offers both optical
ballot scanning and ballot marking.  

We will be holding an open house to share with the public our new voting
equipment on May 13, 2014 at the Elections Office starting at 10:00 A.M.