Summer Camp Visits Germany

CDS Family and Behavioral Health Services is offering a Free Youth Enrichment Summer Camp from now to Aug. 6 from 9 AM to 3 PM with lunch provided. The theme is Countries Around the World and is being held at First United Methodist Church in Chiefland.
So far they have made passports,celebrated the birthday of the USA, visited France, and now Germany.
Our week in Germany began with Olaf waffles followed by our guest speaker, Gerry Jesk. Gerry spoke to the children about Brahm's music, the meaning of the titles and words. The students enjoyed hearing her play many songs on her accordion. She generously allowed the student to hold the accordion while showing them the proper way to release the air and the finger placement for each chord. The students also learned a marching song and danced with partners.
Diana Child joined us in the afternoon to share her experience of living in Germany. She discussed many of the city names and foods that we have here in America that originated in Germany. Her enthusiasm for the culture was evident in her descriptions of the streets, homes, museums and culture. The students really enjoyed her visit.
 During Tuesday's webquest the students learned about the German economy, language, food, and transportation. They learned the colors of the flag and received a stamp in their passports. The story of Hansel and Gretel was read to the students. They created their very own Hansel puppets to take home. Later they heard the story of Rapunzel and created a Rapunzel Doll. The Sound of Music movie was provided on two different rainy afternoons. The students recalled what they had previously learned this week such as the geography and location of the film. They also learned proper German greeting, farewells and many songs.
On Thursday students learned about the Yule log and enjoyed the treat. The younger students made frosting and frosted mushroom cupcakes to decorate the Yule log. Diana Child created an authentic German dish of Kielbasa with apfelmus or applesauce. It went over well with several students asking for seconds. Diana reviewed the German lesson from Monday afternoon. She also played a German memory game called, Kofferpacken which means, "packing the suitcase." We have some room left in our passports with two weeks to go. Next week we are on our way to Italy. Grab your passports for Viva Italia!
For information:  call Angela Sidorenko at 352/318-9418 or e-mail sidorenko

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