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You know a Wife has to put up with a lot from their husbands so here is a bunch of  IOUs that I need to pay off.  

-IOU for following me from job to job.

-IOU for doing without the things you needed, so me and the kids could have things that we wanted and probably didn’t need.

-IOU for being the family doctor, patching me up when I got banged up and sitting up with the kids when they were sick  or hurt.

-IOU for being a good manager, stretching the little money we had to keep the bill collectors off our back.

-IOU for being such a good cook, making big meals out of little at a time when we had little.

-IOU for having to drive old junky cars that barely ran.

-IOU for trying to keep me looking nice, washing my dirty jeans that smelled of horses and cow crap.

-IOU for buying boots, hats, etc. for me and doing without shoes or clothes you wanted and needed.

-IOU for keeping house for a bunch of people who didn’t pick up clothes or wipe their feet.

-IOU for putting up with dogs in the house, even cows a couple times.

-IOU for being the kind, thoughtful person you are,  always thinking of others first.

-IOU for all the Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners you fixed, working late at night so everyone could enjoy the holiday.

-IOU for looking after Mom and Dad when they needed someone.

I will never have enough money to pay these IOUs; all I have is four little words –                                                                                  


                                                                                                                                    BABY, I LOVE YOU                                                    


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